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The Chimera "she-goat", also spelled " Chimaera " is the monster offspring of Echidna and Typhon. Chimera, commanded by his mother, Echidna Graphic Novel. In ancient myths, the Chimera was killed by Bellerphon on Pegasus when Bellerophon jammed a lead ball into its mouth.

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The ball melted, killing it with lead poison and suffocation. The original Chimera died long ago at the hands of the hero Bellerophon, though lesser Chimera still prowl the labyrinth of Crete. The car which he built himself was a real chimera : half Volkswagen and half Porsche. The famous parapet chimeras on the north tower of Notre Dame in Paris, especially the brooding double-horned fellow with protruding tongue on the west parapet originally assumed to relate to a thirteenth-century model, are classic examples.

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Spontaneous chimeras [ … ] occur rarely in our species. Recent examples include a woman who resulted from the merger of two zygotes or the early fusion of two genetically distinct embryos.

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They have the upper jaw fused with the cranium and a gill cover over the four gill slits. They also have toothy plates that give them a ratlike appearance, thus the common name "ratfish. Namespaces Entry Discussion. There are different kinds of the chimera composed of animals from Indian subcontinent.

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It is not known how Indus people called the chimera. In Medieval art , although the Chimera of antiquity was forgotten, chimerical figures appear as embodiments of the deceptive, even satanic forces of raw nature. Provided with a human face and a scaly tail, as in Dante 's vision of Geryon in Inferno xvii.

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Virgil , in the Aeneid book 5 employs Chimaera for the name of gigantic ship of Gyas in the ship-race, with possible allegorical significance in contemporary Roman politics. Pliny the Elder cited Ctesias and quoted Photius identifying the Chimera with an area of permanent gas vents that still may be found by hikers on the Lycian Way in southwest Turkey. The vents emit burning methane thought to be of metamorphic origin. The fires of these were landmarks in ancient times and used for navigation by sailors.

It differs, however, from the Greek version in that a winged body of a lioness also has a human head rising from her shoulders. Some western scholars of Chinese art, starting with Victor Segalen , use the word "chimera" generically to refer to winged leonine or mixed species quadrupeds, such as bixie , tianlu , and even qilin. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Mount Chimaera. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. April Main article: Chimera in popular culture.

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