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Smashwords – December: Torture: A Prentiss Park Murder Mystery – a book by Valda DeDieu

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Planning to marry Elm as soon as he could divorce his wife. Freddy Martin — another stereotyped gay character who happens to be the costume designer for Ludwig Elm's current show that is intended to be a vehicle for the Baroness Fern Deshaw — bad actress trying to pass herself of as Southern Belle who shows too much interest in Elm's murder and has a lust for diamonds.

Turns out she too has a rap sheet, hers includes assault and battery. Robert Deshaw — Fern's stepfather. Breeds and sells tropical fish. Rented a cottage to Elm's wife in Miami where Mrs. Elm fled when she left her husband. The one scene in which he appears is loaded with everything you never wanted to know about the care of tropical fish in home aquariums.

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Dumpling Joe — pro wrestler turned bodyguard. Hired to keep an eye on Joy when she is stalked by Prentiss at the sanitarium. Coincidentally of course he also was bodyguard for Mrs. Elm who had a collection of valuable diamonds she loved to wear and needed protection from avaricious thieves. Labels: alternative classics , Bill Pronzini , obscure writers , Pulp Writers.

Saturday, January 28, One Year Old! Labels: book collecting , bookshops , impossible crime , obscure writers , Reading Challenges. If you die, make sure you're playing the part yourself. You find out very unkind things about the human race otherwise. For the first few chapters of Richard Sale's Benefit Performance I thought I had stumbled upon an overlooked alternative classic.

The plot became increasingly insane reminiscent of one of the paranoid menace thrillers of Cornell Woolrich. There were prize sentences chockful of idiosyncratic adjective choices that were signaling Loony Tunes music cues in my imaginary soundtrack for the book and sent me thumbing through my Funk and Wagnall's for elucidation. Most of them all occurring in one chapter, strangely enough. Once we clear the wreckage of Chapter 12 the writing slowly descends from the orbit of pulpy outer space and returns firmly to planet Earth.

The story is fast paced maze of deception and murder plots, peppered with typical wise cracking dialog, and populated with shapely, scantily clad dames and pistol packing thugs. Though most of the characters are involved in the movie industry we might as well be in the underworld of New York or Chicago what with all the stolen guns and bullets flying everywhere. In a nutshell Or rather that his movie stand-in has been shot and killed. Garth's controlling press agent, Casey Jones, reminds him of the events of the past 24 hours.

The two of them asked Joshua Barnes, the stand-in, to take Garth's place at a movie premiere so Garth could get a long rest from the grueling production. Casey thinks that someone intended to kill Garth and he is not safe. He devises a wild plan for Garth to impersonate Barnes until he can sort things out. But on the first night in his new role Garth learns that the man he's pretending to be was mixed up with gambling gangsters, a songbird for whom he was a piano accompanist, and a married woman who was planning to bump off her husband with Barne's help.

Suddenly it looks as if Barnes was worse than no good -- he was rotten to the core and was probably the true victim of the gunsel who shot him.

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Garth is eager to discover the truth and sets out to play detective to his own murder. Sale gets a lot of mileage out of the role playing business. There are lots of obvious jokes "This was not in the script, was it, Casey? I also liked the classic scene where Garth attends his own funeral and overhears two writers discussing his acting talent. Make that a severe lack of acting talent - especially his mangling of script dialog, the actor's cardinal sin according to most writers.

It's the best comic scene among many. But it's the wacky multi-layered crime plot with everyone turning out to be a crook or a schemer that is Sale's real success here. I whipped through this book quickly and enjoyed every word. For once I'm reviewing a book that's easy to find in multiple editions. The second illustration is of the most common edition - the Dell mapback - and there are many copies for sale from online dealers.

It might even turn up in your local library.

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Two down and thirty-eight more to go. No altitude sickness yet. I'm crossing my fingers. Labels: golf mysteries , Herbert Adams , Jimmie Haswell , sport mysteries. The present case looked as a heaven sent oasis. Who knew what might not develop out of it? It awakened all the atrophied hunger of her starved sentimentalism.

And even if nothing did result form it -- nothing practical, like marriage, or a good bonus -- it would at least leave her something to think about during those endless, tiresome, tiring hours of the future. McClurg Bookstore Receipt. This was found inside my copy of Wings by Achmed Abdullah, the only copy to date that I know of that has a dust jacket.