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Ezran makes his way back while Claudia remains, with intent on the deer. Viren threatens to cut off Aaravos but doesn't unnerved him, as Aaravos is willing to offer his service to Viren. Viren expresses his desire to persuade the other rulers to join Katolis's war on Xadia, so Aaravos suggests that they must somehow get their attention.

Rayla pleads for Callum to finally wake up as his body continues to struggle, unbeknownst that the cube's sky symbol is faintly flickering. In his dream state of plunging in the ocean, Callum hears the whispers of her mother, Sarai, telling him to breathe before he is taken to a bedroom comforted by her mother.

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Sarai sees her son struggling to focus his thoughts, so she advises him to take things slowly and breathe in order for his mind, body, and spirit to finally unlock the truth. Sarai embraces his son to remind him of her love. In the real world, Rayla hugs Callum's body in an attempt to ease his suffering, but he finally awakens; declaring that he finally understands the sky arcanum. Ecstatic that he made a connection with Sky magic, Callum attempts to perform Aspiro without the help of a Primal Stone; he manages to draw the rune and unleash a strong breath of wind.

Ezran and Corvus arrive in time to see Callum perform the spell. When Corvus brings up his service to the young king, Callum realizes Ezran already knows their father' death. Callum and Ezran embrace each other to mourn their loss.

What Happened To King Harrow? The Dragon Prince Theory

It's revealed that Claudia didn't sought out milk-fruit but a lone deer instead. Back in the hospital, Claudia enters Soren's room in her dark magic form as she unleashes a spell that spreads all over Soren's body before falling from exhaustion. Her magic heals Soren's body, allowing him to feel and move his body again.

Soren checks on her sister breathing heavily on the floor, before lifting her face relieved of her brother's recovery, as the black covering her eyes fades. At sunset, the group is ready to resume their journey to Xadia. But Ezran makes a difficult decision; he plans to return to Katolis and assume the throne as his responsibility now as King, accompanied by Corvus.

Ezran bids farewell to Rayla and his brother. This decision deeply saddens Zym as he cries out for Ezran to return. At night, Viren makes his way atop a tower gathering the weapons of the fallen Moonshadow elves.

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With the help of Aaravos, Viren uses dark magic to resurrect four smoke forms of the assassins. This spell was cast by Claudia using an emberback spider. Fusing Spell - "Ecnesse ruoy esuf.

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Grasping Spell - "Nwod meht gard, psarg gnihtirw. It uses the tentacle of an octopus. Healing Spell - "Sbmil eseht ot efil gnirb. The spell requires flower petals and a tad of grasshopper goop. Heating Spell - "Latem eht taeh, hcuot gninrub. Homing Spell - "Kram ruoy dnif, tlob rekeestraeh.

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  7. It uses the eye of a gryphon. Revealing Spell - " Cigam rouy laever. Silencing Spell - "Eciov eht laets. The summoned creatures are impervious towards material objects or weapons. The incantation varies according to what is being resurrected: "Srekees ykoms niaga esir, nellaf fo hsa.

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    The snakes then morph into chains. Soul Switching Spell : This allows a mage to switch the souls of two bodies. Soul Trapping Spell - "Erasaert ym si luos ruoy. It is chanted in repetition to take effect. Viren used this spell to seal Runaan within a mysterious gold coin. Viren's Staff. Categories :. To ask other readers questions about Shadows of Krandom , please sign up.

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